I’m a Postdoctoral researcher from Spain…

I’m a Postdoctoral researcher from Spain, and I would like to thank all the help to the EURAXESS team from Lyon. Even if I didn’t know about their services before my arrival, at the time I found the web site my life as a scientist in a foreign country becomes more easy.

I have found my apartment in the Euraxess page and it was a really interesting issue because it make the things more easy. On the one hand, for people like me, who are new in the country, because the owners know in advance our situation of newcomers, and are more flexible with the documentation needed. Moreover, on the other hand, this option make the owners feel secure because we have our research card, which imply a support of a research institution and link us to the the Euraxess.

Additionally, it was really interesting the information that we received by mail, for example, I have received a complete information about the payment of the country taxes in the country language but also in English, which make more easily to develop all these questions.

Moreover, other services like the offers to learn the language, or to have a fast reply to any questions by mail, and the kindness of people working there, make Euraxess as a complete and great service for researchers working at foreign countries.

So, in my personal experience, the Euraxess was (and is!) a great tool to link researchers and the countries where we arrive, they make easy our arrival and this is an important issue because to be quickly integrated in the new country enable us to be quickly integrated in our works.

For some of us, a scientific life imply very often to left our countries, our family and friends and start in new countries, for tat reason I would like to acknowledge to the Euraxess, specially to the team from Lyon, because I’m very happy with the service obtained, and I am feeling more confident since I know that I’m not alone in a new country.

Thank you very much!
Merci beaucoup!