To take advantage of the many offers we have specially negotiated for foreign scientists, please register here free of charge as soon as possible and even before your arrival in France. It is better to anticipate problems than having to deal with them unprepared! You can contact your EURAXESS Services Centre for any questions regarding your stay (housing, assistance with administrative formalities, opening a bank account, health insurance, French classes, cultural events and more).
Once you have completed and submitted the online registration form, your centre will validate your registration and send you a confirmation email: Should you have any questions regarding registration to our services, contact the FnAK Foundation. For questions regarding your arrival in France, contact your EURAXESS Centre.

Insurance company

ABC Assurances, 2 avenue de Verdun, BP 44077, 25114 Baume les Dames Cedex, France

Tél : +33(0)3 81 84 50 50, Fax +33(0)3 81 84 31 92

E-mail :

– Hotline on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

– No hotline on Monday.

For professional missions abroad you are covered, provided that you submitted us (fax, scan or mail) your mission order or invitation letter giving dates and length of time. Only emergency healthcare are taken care of upon presentation of receipts. Ensure too that you do not travel to a country « at risk »:

With a single subscription form you can subscribe separately to as many policies you need. Please print the following files:

– For a non-binding quotation or further information, please send the completed form or your request by e-mail.

– To benefit from these negotiated offers, you need to provide your FnAK registration number and its expiration date when you enroll.

  • Persons not covered by the French national social security system may subscribe to this policy. Two plans are offered with different reimbursement levels (the length of the stay and your needs should determine your choice):- Formule 1: This plan can be subscribed for one month to one year and is renewable.- Formule santé +: This plan has a 1-year minimum enrollment which can be extended.All the family members must subscribe for the same coverage.- Pregnancy costs are covered by both plans. Childbirth costs are only reimbursed by the “Formule santé +” plan, however there is a waiting period of 10 months before you are entitled to a reimbursement.

    – Whatever the plan you have subscribed to, the policy does not cover infertility diagnosis and treatment, assisted reproductive techniques, plastic and cosmetic surgery, injuries from attempted suicide, etc., as well as other exclusions stipulated by the French Insurance Law.

    – When you subscribe, the insurance company may require that you undergo an examination by the AXA medical advisor. The medical advisor may ask you to pay an additional premium. You are free to accept or refuse. In the latter case, ABC Assurances will not be able to cover you.

base rates Formule 1

Please contact ABC Assurances.

Length of stay 0-35 years 36-39 years 40-44 years 45-49 years 50-54 years 55-59 years 60-65 years
1 month 107 123 140 156 172 191 220
6 months 467 605 668 748 814 903 1044
12 months 717 923 1028 1151 1251 1388 1607

Calculation of tariff: year of coverage – date of birth.

base rates Formule Santé+

Please contact ABC Assurances.

Uniquement tarifs pour une année par tranche d’âge et formule de calcul (année de début de garantie-année de naissance).

Only tarifs for a year per age group and formula calculation (year of coverage-date of birth).

Please read the pages on this insurance in the description of coverage.

Length of stay 0-35 years 36-39 years 40-44 years 45-49 years 50-54 years 55-59 years 60-65 years
12 months 1008 1298 1446 1619 1760 1954 2260

Calculation of tariff: year of coverage – date of birth.

Warning: independent of your health insurance (public or private), fees of physicians can vary a lot and cause bad surprises with reimbursements (contracted physicians sector 1 or contracted sector 2).

A technical note on the French system of reimbursement can be downloaded here.

  • Persons and their dependents who are covered by the French social security system:- F100: This plan can be subscribed for one month to one year and is renewable.- F200: This plan has a 1-year minimum enrollment which can be extended.Two rates: “single” and “family”Two schemes:

    – general health insurance scheme

    – local health insurance scheme (available only in certain départements (67, 68 and 57)

    You may subscribe to these supplementary health plans before receiving your SS registration number. To do so, you must send a copy of your work contract, a filled-in supplementary insurance subscription form and your payment. As soon as you receive your certificate of entitlement to SS benefits (Attestation de droits), you must send a copy to the insurance company as well as your bank account references (Relevé d’identité bancaire, RIB). You will receive a certificate of coverage and a receipt. You will then be sent an attestation de tiers payant. When you show this card, your insurance company will be billed directly part or all of the payment.<

French general Social Security regime

– Contributions in Euros/year from the 1st January 2016.

Contribution F100 F200
Alone Family Alone Family
Under 44 years 366,85 772,32 656,47 1332,25
44 to 50 years 444,08 926,78 791,63 1602,56
51 to 64 years 482,70 984,70 810,94 1660,49

French local Social Security regime : applicable only in Alsace-Moselle (French departments 67, 68 and 57)

– Contributions in Euros/year from 1st January 2016.

Contributions F100 F200
Alone Family Alone Family
Under 44 years 193,08 424,78 366,85 791,63
44 to 50 years 231,70 502,00 463,39 946,09
51 to 64 years 270,31 540,62 482,70 984,71

Calculation of tariff: current year – date of birth.

Minimum 1 year underwriting, without automatic renewal.

– Anticipated application possible (if status of beneficiary certain): demande de garantie, copy of employment contract, RIB and payment to the insurance start date (date of beginning of the employment contract at the earliest) and initiation of the contract upon reception of the social insurance certificate with the INSEE number finally given. Retroactive effect, then setting up of third-party paying system.

Please read the pages on this insurance in the description of coverage.

This insurance covers death and permanent disability from accidents occurring in your private and professional life. Only the researcher may subscribe to it.

The capital paid out depends on the option chosen and changes with the annual limit defined by the French social security system.

Guarantee exclusively for researchers, in case of death and complete and irreversible loss of autonomy.

Under 40 years 40 to 49 years 50 to 59 years 60 to 64 years
Option 1 22,00 € 46,00 € 120,00 € 215,00 €
Option 2 44,00 € 92,00 € 240,00 € 430,00 €
Option 3 88,00 € 184,00 € 480,00 € 860,00 €

Option 1 : 50 % of PASS (19 614,00 € en 2017)

Option 2 : 100 % of PASS (39 228,00 € en 2017)

Option 3 : 200 % of PASS (78 456,00 € en 2017)

Please read the pages on this insurance in the description of coverage.

The rate is individualized according to the dwelling type and characteristics, as well as the place of residence.

The rate is individualized according to the dwelling type and characteristics, as well as the place of residence.

75,56€ for a F1 apartment in Lyon and 98,70€ in Paris

80,85€ for a F2 apartment in Strasbourg and 113,08€ in Paris


Please complete this form to get your personalized rate.

It is suscribed for the duration of the stay, and automatically extended if you renew your stay.

In all cases, the end of occupancy of your accomodation should be notified, in order to terminate your contract.

Les conditions générales de l’assurance habitation sont téléchargeables ici.

Personal liability insurance covers claims arising from incidents of daily life.

Flat rate for the duration of the scientific stay: 32 euros per person for a one-year subscription.

Please read the pages on this insurance in the description of coverage.

This is a personal assistance service offered to foreigners living in France. The annual rate is 15.40 euros per person.

Please read the pages on this insurance in the description of coverage.

This insurance covers your child in the event of an accident at school or during extracurricular activities.

It is available to FnAK members who subscribe to the Comprehensive Home Insurance or the Personal Liability policy negotiated with ABC Assurances.

A degressive rate is applied which depends on the number of children in the family.
Send an e-mail to ABC Assurances to inquire about price:

The insurance policy is not automatically renewed. If your are staying in France longer than planned and beyond the expiry date of the policy, you should ensure that your insurance coverage is extended. To do so, you will have to send a new form.

Calculation of tariff: year of coverage – date of birth (différence de millésime).

Payment: You can pay by intra-European bank transfer, postal money order sent from a French post office (send an e-mail to ABC Assurances to request their bank details), by cheque (your own or that of your host institution). Payment can only be accepted in euros.



Our partnership for opening tank accounts is no longer valid.  However, your Euraxess services Centre will be able to tell you where to open your personal bank account.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact your Euraxess Centre as soon as possible.


  • For the accomodation issue, you will find practical information in the interactive guide published by the French Euraxess network working group on accomodation, downloadable here: HousingGuide.
    – For any question related to your accomodation, please contact your Euraxess Services Centre in the first instance.

To make a reservation you will need to provide your registration number with acc&ss FnAK. Through our partnership with 2 apartment hotel chains, you will benefit from the following discounts:

With Adagio, a special rate in 26 aparthotels of the Adagio and Adagio Access chains. You can make a reservation directly:
– via internet (, at Adagio special rates (for stays of 4 to 30 nights);
– directly with the aparthotel of your choice.

With Reside Etudes, we have negotiated special rates for their Residhome and Séjour & Affaires aparthotel chains:
Pricing conditions
Locations residences
Contact residences
Technical sheet S&A Paris-Davout
Technical sheet RH Paris Rosa Parks
Technical sheet RH Paris Gare de Lyon
– For other regions please contact directly the residences:,

For further information, please contact the nearest Euraxess Services Centre.

French as a foreign language (FLE)

acc&ss FnAK – Alliance Française special offer
The Alfred Kastler National Foundation and the Alliance Française, the well-known French language school with an international network, have teamed up to offer you a programme of French classes at a special rate;
Exceptional 10% discount on tuition fee (no discount on registration fee) for the two following courses:

      • 2 weeks of intensive daily classes in general French
      • 4 weeks of evening classes in general French

Researchers registered with acc&ss FnAK and their families can take advantage of this offer by presentating their registration number (on the FnAK registration confirmation e-mail) and an ID document.
This special offer is only valid at the following schools: Alliance Française in Bordeaux, Dijon, Grenoble, Lyon, Marseille-Provence, Montpellier, Nice, Paris Ile-de-France, Rouen, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Vendôme.

The following Alliances Française (AF) schools also offer additional advantages:

  • AF Montpellier, Nice, Vendôme: No registration fee charged
  • AF Dijon, Grenoble, Lyon, Marseille-Provence, Rouen, Strasbourg, Toulouse: Free course bookThe advantages of the Alliance Française network of schools:
    • signifiant experience in teaching French as a foreign language
    • a 120-years of accumulated experience in promoting the French language and intercultural dialogue
    • an international network of over 1000 centres in 129 countries

    For further information, Contact your EURAXESS services Centre.

    Important: the courses are available only to researchers who are registered with acc&ss FnAK, i.e. researchers registered, and their spouses. The registration number issued by acc&ss FnAK is required for registration. Do not hesitate to contact your Centre to take advantage of this service!

Bien-Dire Magazine

Learn French and French culture with the magazine Bien-Dire. Each issue of this bi-monthly magazine is published with an accompanying audio CD for intermediate to advanced learners of French. There are also 17 Bien-dire Audio Learning Guides which focus on particular themes and are designed for different levels of French fluency.

Visit and take advantage of the FNAK20 promotion code which will give you a 20 % reduction on your subscription.

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