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The Alfred Kastler National Foundation (FnAK) was created in 1993 by the French Academy of Sciences. In 2002, it became part of the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (CiuP), a national non-profit foundation. acc&ss FnAK is financed by the French government and local authorities of the Grand-Est region.

Its headquarters are located in Strasbourg; however its work extends over all of France. The two missions of acc&ss FnAK are to help foreign researchers with their move to and stay in France and to maintain contact with them after their departure. Its actions are based on the ideas of academic mobility, access to knowledge and cultural exchange, keeping a humanist perspective and working towards the ultimate goal of international cooperation that was dear to Alfred Kastler.


After a pilot phase covering the Alsace region, acc&ss FnAK gradually extended its scope of action to all of mainland France, helping to disseminate the effective reception methods observed locally.
acc&ss FnAK develops its expertise by putting itself at the service of research teams, to share best practices and contribute to professionalizing their support of foreign researchers, by integrating the European approach. The availability of the ALFRED© directory to the French Euraxess network is an asset.
Today more than ever, any project for scientific mobility must take into account the international and European environment, at the level of researchers (of their accompanying families where appropriate), research teams, funding sources, etc.


In an international context where mobility is accelerating, acc&ss FnAK integrates its expertise in all its projects, developed for French higher education and research institutions and research organisations. In synergy with these institutions and all the players involved in supporting international mobility, we have played an essential role in recent years in the reception process, which no conventional mechanism had previously provided.

Our expertise is based on three pillars:
Expertise and legal watch for the accompaniment of the researchers’ stay and career, in cooperation with the ministries concerned: conditions of entry and stay, social protection, taxes, retirement, etc. Several thousand advice, interventions or appeals are thus carried out each year by acc&ss FnAK ;
Careful observation of progress in recruiting the best researchers in North America and Europe, particularly in Germany and Great Britain;
Scientific Council bringing together experts in international relations and the recruitment of international scientists, cultivating a strategic dialogue at the highest level.


acc&ss FnAK occupies an original and privileged observation post, independent of traditional administrative boundaries. Its action concerns indeed:
– Any foreign researcher, doctoral student, post-doctoral student or beyond, regardless of nationality, discipline or place of work in France;
– Any employer or host (public or private sector), whatever their status, that of their guest, or the means of financing the stay.

We work with all the people and institutions involved in supporting foreign mobile researchers in France, from the preparation of their stay to the networking following this stay. Our ALFRED© system, shared with the French Euraxess network, allows us to develop a real observatory of scientific mobility towards France, and to study the corresponding data in depth.