Entry into France of International Researchers

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Since January 31, 2021 at midnight, any travel to / from a country outside the European area is subject to the production of a compelling reason.

Please note: travelers arriving from a State within the European area but having stayed within 30 days prior to their arrival in a State outside the European area, must comply with the procedure applicable to travelers arriving from a State outside the European area.

Foreigners may come for short or long stays. They must present the documents usually required at the border: passport, visa (long-stay visa for everyone, short-stay visa only for nationalities subject to it) and only for short stays: justification of means and accommodation.  In addition, they must have:

Attestation of international travel;

– Sworn statement of sanitary measure ; Older than 11 yearsYounger than 11 years ;

– Not forgetting the PCR test less than 72 hours old.

The indicative list of compelling reasons appears on the attestations of entry to the metropolitan territory. There are two different of them:

– One for French/EU nationals

– Another for non-EU/British nationals.

1) For non-EU/British nationals :

1.1 Third-country nationals, holders of a valid French or European residence permit or long-stay visa, who have their principal residence in France or who, in transit through France, are returning to their principal residence in a European Union country or similar (valid only if the trip abroad took place before January 31, 2021 or was justified by an overriding reason).

If a foreigner has his main residence in France, he can return with his Residence Permit or with a Long-Stay Visa + document proving that his main residence is in France (property deed, rental contract, etc.) + justification (travel before January 31, 2021 or health/family/professional reason).

1.2 British national and family members who are beneficiaries of the withdrawal agreement of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community (valid only if the travel abroad took place before January 31, 2021 or was justified by a compelling reason).

If a British person arrived in France before 31/12/20 (i.e. British without Residence Permit or Long-Stay Visa) but who travelled for an overriding reason, he can return with his passport and a justification (health/family/professional).

If (S)he travelled before 31/01/21, he can return with his passport and a justification that the trip took place before 31/01/21.

(British nationals who arrived in France after 01/01/21 are subject to the common law for foreigners and this box does not apply to them).

1.3. Foreign health or research professional contributing to the fight against covid-19 or recruited as an associate trainee.

To come to France, the health professional/special research Covid-19 needs his passport, a visa (if necessary) and his professional card/employer’s certificate and his hosting agreement or internship agreement.

1.4. Nationals of third countries with a Long-Stay Visa « Passeport Talent ».

This applies to all talent passports: qualified employee, researcher, family, artist, investor, business creator, etc. They need: passport, Long-Stay Visa, employer’s certificate/business card/assignment order (+ hosting agreement for researchers).

(Be careful not to confuse the « passeport talent / créateur d’entreprise » with the « Recherche d’Emploi / Création d’Entreprise » or the « carte autoentrepreneur/professional card »).

1.5. Researcher settling in France at the invitation of a research laboratory, for research activities requiring a physical presence; Student settling in France for the second academic semester as part of a program at a higher education institution.

For researchers, they need: passport, visa (if necessary), invitation from the laboratory, employer’s certificate and hosting agreement.

The government anticipates the management of study visa applications for France: you must be registered in France for the academic year 2020/2021 or for the 2nd semester of the academic year 2020/2021 only to be authorized to come. For the school year 2021/2022, we will see later.

Documents for students: passport, study visa (VLS or VCS), school certificate for the year or semester, if necessary: proof of participation in a university exchange program.

2) Compelling reasons and examples of supporting documents :

2.1. Compelling reasons of a personal or family nature :

– Death of a family member in the direct line (grandparents, parents, children and siblings) / Visit to a life-threatening situation for family members in the direct line (grandparents, parents, children and siblings) ;

Required documents: death certificate, medical certificate establishing the situation of the person whose prognosis is life-threatening, proof of family ties.

– Displacement in France within the framework of the exercise of custody rights recognized by a court decision;

Documents required: court decision and proof of place of residence.

– Summons by a judicial or administrative authority;

Required documents: summons by the administrative or judicial authority.

– Legal or economic impossibility to remain on the territory on which the person is located / execution of a removal order from national territory ;

Required documents: Expiring residence permit, act of dismissal, etc.;

– Participation in a university exchange program.

Required documents: Certificate of schooling issued by the institution.

2.2 Compelling health reasons :

– Vital medical emergency (for the person as well as an accompanying person if his/her presence is indispensable) ;

Required documents: medical certificate, proof of planned hospitalization, etc.

2.3 Professional compelling reasons :

– Missions that are indispensable to the pursuit of an economic activity, requiring a presence on site that cannot be postponed and whose postponement or cancellation would have manifestly disproportionate consequences or would be impossible (including transport professionals);

Required documents: employer’s certificate, professional card for crews in international goods transport, international passenger transport, international maritime transport.

– Health or research professional contributing to the fight against Covid 19 or participating in cooperation operations of major interest in health matters;

Required document: professional card.

– Ad hoc missions related to the exercise of public authority prerogatives (including diplomatic missions and missions essential to the continued execution of operational contracts of the armed forces or military corps) that cannot be deferred or postponed ;

Required documents: business card, mission order.

– High level athletes for participation in meetings validated by the Ministry of Sports ;

Required documents: professional card, certificate issued by the organizer in connection with the Ministry of Sport.

– Cross-border workers between France and the United Kingdom ;

Document required: employer’s certificate.